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We love our Elite Cruises travel family and especially enjoy welcoming back again and again our repeat cruises who enjoy exploring the world just as much as we do! Since we’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate life and each other here’s a look at some of our repeat cruisers who keep coming back for more destinations, more memories, and more fun…

Shirley You’ve probably noticed Shirley’s photo before on our website or on our social pages because she is currently our top traveler and goes everywhere with us! The second we see her we can’t help but smile because she is up for anything and everything but especially loves beach days at Half Moon Cay when the fishes swim right up to her beach wheelchair and she gets to feed them.
Kathy and Thomas are truly part of our travel family and we feel like we are part of their actual family because every time they come on a cruise they’re bringing someone else, from their siblings to their children and grandchildren! We love watching as new family memories are made and the bonds of family are strengthened across every generation. Thomas, Kathy and Kathy's sister
Debbie and Wayne An Alzheimer’s diagnosis didn’t slow Wayne down for a second and him and his wife Debbie always take full advantage of our amenities as well as those on the ship whenever they travel with us. Wayne is a marathon runner and loves to use the track around the top deck of each Holland America ship while Debbie enjoys our daily caregiver breaks where she can take time to herself while Elite staff keeps Wayne company.
Ed and Nancy would win an award for Best Dressed (if we had one) because they are always ready for Formal Night each and every time they travel with us. It’s always a good time when we gather together at the end of the day to enjoy group meals, especially at our premium dining experiences, and go out dancing after dinner at one of the live music venues onboard where we can really show off our attire. Ed and Nancy
Marcia and Phil Marcia and Phil are the parents of Elite Cruises owner Kathy and they have traveled with us more times than we can count. We’ve celebrated birthdays and anniversaries with them and danced the night away with them too but I think their favorite part of every cruise is enjoying a nice breakfast on their balcony in the mornings and enjoying the views of all the spectacular places they’ve traveled to.

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